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From the City of Angels..

Dudeeee. We were on tv. Hahaha. I didn't see myself at first, but I was there. A few times, too. But they were all very quick. But still.. So cool. Seriously. x] I'm watching it online right now. YAY FOR HAVING FRIENDS WHO ARE LIKE TOTALLY FAMOUS NOW!& I got to see Lukus again?! x] Ask Carol, Jenn, & Allie. I wouldn't stop giggling. xD!

...I still need to post those pictures. Tomorrow maybe.

Senior Week has been unbelievable. I've got ish pictures from that.

- Carnival on tuesday was lame, but I guess it was alright so I shouldn't complain all that much.
- Skate Depot on wednesday was pretty fun. I enjoyed it. & I didn't fall at all! Yay for me!
- Bowling today was great. Heheh. I loved it. :] Good times, good times. Seriously. Bad thing though is that my shoulder is all sore. & I kept getting so many gutter balls!

I can't wait til next week! Spiderman 3 on tuesday then DISNEYLAND on wednesday! YAY FOR BEING A SENIOR & NOT HAVING TO TEST! Oh yeah. Did I mention I graduate in about

So tomorrow we're back on regular schedule. Yay.

Monday starts the string of AP tests [One of which I still need to pay forrrr] which will go on for the next two weeks. Which means that I am going to be all alone on monday seeing as the first test is AP Gov't & I didn't take it. Also, apparently Prom tickets go on sale toooo.. I need to get that stuff done. & I need to go Prom dress shopping with my mama. x]

Yeah. I'm totally going to Prom. & like, totally owning it there. Not really. But still. Prom at the Queen Mary. :]


Wish # 23:
Do something bold. [aka. step out of my confort zone & do something crazy].

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