Joan (x_____shakeitup) wrote,

My heart ticks in beat with..

Long overdue. Whatever.

[After the ride there.. waiting in the van.]

[Waiting in the parking lot.. RYAN!]

[Hehehe. Day 1 of festival. Yvan the hostage.]

[Jaszmon laying in bed]

[Yvan. Post hostageness]

[Breakfast the next day. It looks gross, but it was pretty good.]

[Jaszmoney & Jeremiah!]

[Before All Festival Show. SHOW US HOW YOU JIG!]

[It looked like a mosh pit from above.]

[Minji & I before All Festival Show.]

[Cameron & I during the first dance.]

[Angelica had a back ache & Priscilla was massaging her.]

[All State Show day. The dude just walked by & I liked how it came out.]

[Theme: "Sparks: Ignite the Thespian Within."]

[Testing out my flash on Julian.]

[Hehehe. Sparks.]

[I saw them paiting that during my tech workshop.]


[Bad pictures, I know! It's Priscilla. :]!]

[Priscilla again.]

[Priscilla again.]

I miss Festival..


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